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Free Silver Course: ADC Prelim Exam

The success in examination of Australian Dental Council depends on the rigorous practice. The silver course provides sample mock test papers for you to practice before you buy a course.

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Diamond Course: ADC Preliminary Exam

This Course for ADC preliminary exam is another version of Platinum Course. The only different between two is, it contain no study material e. g. books, journal etc.

Who can take this course?

This course can be taken by those dentists who have study materials, have at least few years of experience, theoretical knowledge and need to sharpen their MCQ solving acumen.

What will you get?

This course will provide subject/topic wise question papers for practice.

At the end of each mock test papers, you will see your results and scores. Depending on the score, you need to do further study and retake the test. You can take the take as many time as many you need. The course duration will be valid for 80 weeks (20 months) and further if you need it. This is normally sufficient time for preparation; but if your preliminary exam is nearby, duration can be extended till you sit in. You will have you own pace of study or you can follow the set schedule by the faculties.

Learning Objectives

  • To enable you proficient in MCQ solving ability in real examination conditions.
  • To impart you a deep understanding of the subject.
  • To enable you to utilise the deep knowledge of the subjects in practical examination too.
  • To increase your probability of success in the preliminary examination and proceed to practical examination.

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Treatment Planning of Dental Caries

In this chapter, you will know about the treatment planning of dental caries. In previous chapter you studies the etio-pathogenesis and clinical characteristics of dental caries. If you have not gone through it, it is advised that you study the previous chapter before proceeding further.

Mechanism of Remineralisation of Enamel

When the oral environment of a person is favourable where the pH is above 5.5 and saliva contains enough calcium and phosphate ions, the remineralisation process of enamel occurs. The supersaturated saliva acts as driving force for remineralisation. In a non cavitated enamel caries lesion, the original crystalline structure of rods remains intact. When it is etched, it acts as nucleating agent for remineralisation. When trace amount of fluoride ions is added to the environment, it enhances the remineralisation process by enhancing the precipitation of calcium and phosphate. The inclusion of fluoride ions results in the formation of fluorapatite crystals in enamel rods which is more resistant to acid attack compared to calcium apatite of the natural enamel rods. Thus, the new enamel becomes resistant to caries process. 


Journey of a Dentist for ADC Exam


This story of a dentist tells about the journey of a dentist for ADC exam and the mental, physical and economic sufferings full family went through after his failure.

Ganesh was a general dental practitioner with a nice practice in a class two city. Isha was a tutor in a Dental college in the same city. The couple had been living a happily married life with their 5 years old son and their parents in a joint family.


Books for ADC Examination

The following books have been recommended by Australian Dental Council.

General Dentistry

  1. Australian Dental Association Inc. Policy Statement 6.5.1, Code of ethics for dentists.
  2. Australian Dental Association, Victorian Branch. By-law 2, Ethics.
  3. Fan KFM, Jones J. MCQs in dentistry, 2nd edn. Knutsford, UK: PasTest Ltd, 2010
  4. Ireland R, ed. A dictionary of dentistry. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010
  5. Mitchell DA, Mitchell L. Oxford handbook of clinical dentistry, 6th edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014