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Journey of a Dentist for ADC Exam


This story of a dentist tells about the journey of a dentist for ADC exam and the mental, physical and economic sufferings full family went through after his failure.

Ganesh was a general dental practitioner with a nice practice in a class two city. Isha was a tutor in a Dental college in the same city. The couple had been living a happily married life with their 5 years old son and their parents in a joint family.


Reason for Partially Effective LA

Question: Why does LA not function efficiently in an inflamed environment?  

Answer: The molecule of local anaesthetic agent enters the neural cell through myelin sheath from interstitial fluid by a simple diffusion process. Then in the acidic environment of a neural cell, it breaks itself in its components and acts on the sodium influx gate and blocks it, thus blocking the generation of action potential, thus blocking signal conduction along the nerve cell membrane. The local anaesthesia cannot act on sodium influx gates from outside the nerve cell. It must enter the nerve cell.   


Sample Test for ADC NEET Govt Jobs

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