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Dental Amalgam: SAQs for Viva Voce

SAQ 1. A patient arrives at your office and expresses concern about mercury from dental amalgam causing her harm. What will you tell this patient to reassure her about the safety of amalgam? 


You will tell about three facts of dental amalgam fillings:

(1) The mercury that is in an amalgam is not free and never released into the body. It is always tied up chemically in the dental amalgam matrix. The majority of bound mercury never leaves the dental amalgam mass. (more…)

Dental Amalgam Alloys

Dental Amalgam 

In this section, we shall discuss the composition, type and properties of the dental amalgams alloys used for restoration purpose in posterior teeth as per following format. The source of these notes, MCQs and explanation is Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials, 12th Ed and Sturtevant’s Art and Science of Operative Dentistry.